2019 FEL Prize

The Young Scientist FEL Award is intended to honour an important contribution to FEL science and technology from a person who is less than 35 years of age.

The 2019 co-winners are

Joe Duris (SLAC) for his contribution to the study of high-efficiency energy transfer in tapered FELs and inverse FELs and his role in the first demonstration of attosecond pulses from a current-enhanced X-ray FEL.

Chao Feng (Shanghai Advanced Research Institute / SARI) for his contributions on developing seeding techniques for improving the properties of HGHG and EEHG FELs as well as storage ring based FELs.

The FEL prize is given to a person who has contributed significantly to the advancement of the field of Free-Electron Lasers.

The three scientists who won 2019 FEL prize are

Enrico Allaria (Sincrotrone Trieste) for his seminal contributions to seeded FELs including advanced operating modes in HGHG FEL as well as the first demonstration of EEHG FEL in the soft X-ray regime.

Alex Lumpkin (Argonne/Fermilab) for his seminal, time-resolved measurements of dynamics in FEL oscillators and the elucidation of microbunching in relativistic electron beams and SASE FELs.

Gennady Stupakov (SLAC) for his invention of EEHG external seeding scheme as well as his numerous contributions to CSR and wakefield effects in high-brightness accelerators.